Meet our package special event dates:
  • Meals and dinners, clubs, etc.
  • Baptisms and communions.
  • Celebration of Mother's Day, Father.
  • And other.
  • creative idea.
  • Menu Planning.
  • Live Music.
  • Ample parking.
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Attention to special guests.

Welcome to Camping-Baldayo!

Family business established in 1982 , located in the lagoon Baldayo 500 m from the beach, 15 km from Carballo and 35 km from A Coruña .
The campsite is 2nd class and the available plots and bungalows available for rent both seasonal , as per day
At the restaurant , we have set menus, special menus on weekends and you can also order a la carte also organize dinners and business lunches or groups as well as baptisms and communions , dinner - dance , etc.
We are a great track record in the planning and implementation of social and business events , that for 30 years we operate in the city. We enjoy privileged partnerships with a wide network of organizations, to ensure to offer particular services you require for your event.
Our mission is to satisfy the wishes of our customers and help them build their event. To do this , we offer services and facilities at different levels of budgets , which means an advantage and an opportunity of choice for our contractors.
Contact us to have the pleasure to serve you.